Book A Call

I offer a Free consultation call to all prospective clients of my online personal training.

This allows me to outline  my coaching process to you in more detail and for you to explain exactly what you would like to change about your health and fitness.

On the call we will cover any fitness related questions you have, so regardless of if we decide to work together or not the call will be valuable to you in deciding your next steps.

This call will give you a taste of what coaching with me is like whilst also making sure we’re a good fit. I work very closely with a small number of people at any one time, so its important that we feel as though we will get on well during our time together. We’ll discuss your different package options, the cost of investment as well as a start date if you do decide you want to work with me.

If we’re a good fit and you decide that you want to jump onboard, I'll then take you through the quick signing up process, give you access to your own personal training app and then book your first goal setting call.

But Remember: deciding to start training with me is completely your choice. I am not into the hard sell. I simply explain how things work so you have all the information you need to decide if it is right for you. If you decide it isn't quite the right time then I will wish you well and you can go on your way. The decision to make a real change needs to come from within yourself!

If it all sounds good then click on the calendar below and choose a convenient time slot for your Free 30 minute consultation.