How Are You Different To Other Personal Trainers?

With over 16 years of coaching people to become fitter and healthier I have a great deal of knowledge about what makes people tick, what the common underlying reasons are that people want to workout and importantly what will make someone stick to something they set out to do. It is only by having this contact with hundreds, if not thousands, of clients over the years that you can gain this knowledge.

I have come to understand that the vast majority of people who hire a personal trainer just want someone to make them turn up to the gym and then to have someone to talk to to take their mind off of the training. They think that is all it will take to get them in the shape they desire. Unfortunately there is more to it than that.

In order to achieve and sustain real change the client needs to adjust the way they think of exercise and nutrition and create habits that will benefit them during the vast majority of the time they are NOT with their trainer. I do this through Behaviour Change coaching and I feel that this is the key that unlocks everybody's potential. This is why I like to promote myself as a 'Health' coach and not just a personal trainer.

Going online has allowed me the access to my clients in a far more in-depth and superior way than when I trained them face to face. I can now talk to them everyday as opposed to just once a week. This is powerful stuff and the results my clients achieve speak for themselves - see the Testimonial page.

How Much Contact Do We Have?

I am usually in touch with you everyday near the beginning and then perhaps every other day as you get into the swing of things. We also have a video call once a week to check in and discuss the weeks sessions and your nutrition plan in person.


It comes down to how much you need and how much you wish to have though really. Everybody is different so I don't have a set amount of time I spend with people. Some people like a text conversation everyday whilst others are fine with every few days so we settle into the best practice that suits you.

But remember - you have access to my coaching and advice 7 days a week. If you have any questions or queries I am here to help you at any time. You are hiring me as your personal coach and that is exactly what I will be.

Isn't It Better To Have A Coach In-Person?

The world has certainly changed over the last 12 months and Covid has accelerated the world of online coaching without a doubt. And it is better to have a coach in-person for certain things. If you want to learn complicated movement patterns such as in Olympic Lifting or Gymnastics then seeing someone face to face will be much better.


But if you are interested in weight loss, changing habits and becoming healthier then an online coach is more convenient, better value for money and can deliver faster results due to the greater amount of contact the coach and client can have.

How Can I Start Working With You?

Click on 'Book A Call' and choose a time that suits you for a talk. On the call we will have a friendly chat about your training, what you have done in the past and what has worked for you and what hasnt. I will then outline the steps you will need to take in order to reach your goals. If we then think you would be a good fit for the training and that I could help you to make a real change then we can discuss how to get started.

How Long Do I Sign Up For?

The initial coaching package is 12-weeks long. This is the perfect amount of time to get you integrated into the program, get you used to the fitness sessions, analyse and adjust your nutrition and start creating some new healthy habits.

Once the first 12-weeks are completed you can then drop to a month by month maintenance programme.

Is Your Coaching Suitable For Someone Completely New To Exercise?

Yes, absolutely.

As a beginner I will give you clear, detailed instructions and videos of every exercise I set you and provide plenty of support via messages and calls.

We will start off slowly so your body can adapt to the training and the new stimulus and gradually increase the intensity of the sessions over the weeks when you are ready.