My Story

My name is David and I’ve been a fully-certified Personal Trainer since 2004. I gained plenty of valuable experience by first working in big chain gyms before then going on to set up, own and run two gyms of my own in the south of England for over a decade.

As I coached people over the years I started to realise how powerful and important changing their habits and behaviour could be. It wasn't just about getting them moving and lifting in the gym. When I went online I started integrating this more and more into my clients sessions and it lead to even greater results. I studied for a Behaviour Change certification and this is now a big part of my coaching plans.

If you want to make a real and lasting change then I believe you need one-to-one coaching in all areas of your health; your fitness, nutrition, mindset and habits.


I will teach you how to perform your tailored workout sessions safely and effectively and get you to enjoy working out again, but I will also coach you and help you understand how to eat properly, what effects different foods have on you, show you the levels you need to eat to hit the weight you have always wanted to be, discuss how to fit your workouts in your daily schedule, show you how being fit and healthy can impact so many other areas of your life and teach you how to form lasting habits by making very small, achievable changes one at a time so nothing becomes overwhelming. In fact you will wonder why you didn’t do it years ago!

The days of having a personal trainer stand next to you and just count reps are coming to an end. The all-inclusive approach is how I believe the industry should be moving forward as the majority of people need to make a change in all four areas of their health as mentioned above. Most would benefit from a ‘Wellness’ or ‘Lifestyle’ coach and not just a personal trainer, as it's the other 167 hours in the week when they are not with their trainer that are the most important!


However those terms can address a very broad range of needs so I prefer ‘Health’ coach. Or ‘Behaviour Change Fitness Coach’. But that’s a bit of a mouthful. So let's stick to ‘Health Coach’. And that's what I do. As at the end of the day when you improve in the four pillars of my coaching programme your health will know no bounds.


Yours in training,


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