What's Involved?


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You will follow a bespoke, 12-Week, fully-immersive coaching programme that will help you lose weight, become more confident, get stronger and learn to create new habits.


Up to 5 x Fitness sessions per week

Access to an intuitive & in-depth coaching app

Over 375 exercise and stretch videos

Video analysis of your movement and mobility

Nutritional coaching, tracking and guidance

Weekly video call for support, coaching and goal-setting

Unlimited messaging service

Psychometric behavioural change coaching


The fitness sessions are designed for you based on your time and needs. These can be done at home or in the gym and will be tailored to your experience and level. I have been a certified Personal Trainer for 17 years and have changed hundreds of clients lives with my training.

Utilising an easy-to-use app you will know when to workout, be coached on exactly what to do and be able to track all of your progress.

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Nutricious Food


Being a certified Sports & Exercise Nutritionist I will provide guidance on all aspects of your nutrition including recipes, meal plans, calorie tracking, portion sizes and shopping lists

We also have coaching calls to discover and overcome any perceived barriers you may have to changing your eating habits. It's not about me telling you what to do. It's about you understanding why you are doing it and the best practices for making a change.


You will receive Behavioural Change coaching on how to think about your health & fitness, what healthy values to have, goal setting, targets and how to not be overwhelmed.

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old habits vs new habits, life coaching


You will learn how to form successful and lasting habits in achievable, incremental steps